Reclamation, Restoration, & More

How we Protect
the environment

We perform a variety of tasks and professional services with the purposes of enhancing the natural environment.

After we are contacted, we perform an audit of the environment to learn more about the land in question. This provides the foundation of information that we use to develop an effective program.

Once a project is approved we begin performing a variety of services with the purpose of restoring land to it's natural state. This includes removing any contaminants, restoring the presence of native species, and creating the necessary infrastructure for human presence.

Upon completion, we perform a staggered maintenance allowing us to learn more about our solutions and addressing any issues as they become apparent.

Stay Updated

Our goal is to transform the world and make an impact in the environment. As time progresses, we will be keeping our news section updated with pending projects as well as industry relevant information for our past and present clients.


The purpose of our news section is to share information. All Enivironmental Statistics will be referenced in order to provide accurate and transparent information.

Dynamic Infrastructure

Our primary concern is the natural environment and how we interact with it as a whole. Our dynamic infrastructure is designed to reduce the impact of human presence whilst providing the platform for people to engage in daily activities.

Site Master West offers full service restoration from planning and design to implementation and monitoring. This cost-effective approach ensures high plant survivorship and keeps unexpected costs to a minimum.

Our goal is to improve the environment by restoring native species, reducing human impact, and creating dynamic infrastructure to serve both.

Environmental Aquatic Restoration

Road or Culvert Installation & Reclamation

Pond & Retention Basin Installation

Spillway & Rip-Rap Installation

Removal of Invasive Species

Installation of Native Species